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Two special PIA flights leave for Toronto

On Thursday, two PIA special flights took off from Karachi and Lahore for Toronto carrying 600 passengers, all Canadian nationals.

Only two flights were allowed by the authorities for this operation because the Canadian government made a special request.

A list of passengers was provided by the Canadian High Commission and later on, Pakistan International Airlines issued them the tickets.

Flight PK-781 flew from Karachi which carried 310 Canadian nationals in it and PK-789 took off from Lahore carrying 300 passengers.

Every passenger’s luggage was sprayed with disinfectants in front of all PIA officials.

The officials also assured that every passenger was wearing a mask.                   

According to one of the spokespersons, the flight returning back from Toronto will be completely empty. All those people who are planning to travel are contacting PIA’s offices and call center for bookings on other flights.

He also asked everyone to use the online booking facility in order to maintain social distancing.

The government has also allowed the US embassy to let the American citizens out of the country on Friday through a charter plane. For this purpose, NOTAM has been issued by the Civil Aviation Authority Director.

The charter plane carrying three British diplomats as well will first land in Karachi and later in Islamabad.

Permission has been issued to set up a counter at the Kiosks hall of the airport. CAA stated that not a single embassy staff member will be allowed to enter the terminal building for seeing off the passengers.

Both passengers and the crew members of the plane will be prohibited to step out of the plane.

The government recently decided to partially start the functioning of international flights from 2nd April. As per the authority’s decision, three commercial flights will be sent to the UK from the 4th of April once all the important protective measures are completed.

But on the other hand, CAA has further suspended all domestic flights till April 11th except Islamabad airport, Gilgit and Skardu.

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