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Two More Schools to Open Soon for Transgender Persons

After the successful launch of the transgender school in the provincial capital of Punjab—Lahore, the founder of the Gender Guardian has made an announcement to open to more schools for the transgender persons in Islamabad and Karachi with the aim to provide twelve years of academic education from primary to higher secondary level.

Asif Shahzad—the founder of the Gender Guardian informed that the school has started its operations in Lahore and is imparting education to nearly forty transgender students with its fifteen faculty members.

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The school was founded with the assistance of Exploring Future Foundation, a non-government organization. Shahzad informed that there is no age restriction for admission to the school.

He told that most of the transgender students had shown their interest in the fashion industry which includes learning about the various cosmetics, embroidery, fashion designing and stitching, while some students have also expressed their interest in graphic designing and culinary skills.

The opening of the first transgender school in Lahore is a significant step for the nation. The transgender community has been getting recognition and empowerment after like ages of experiencing isolation and ignorance.

Taking steps for the betterment of the transgender community could prove a game changer for the transgender persons and would definitely be improving their social acceptance in the society. Giving them the opportunity to acquire education would help the transgender persons in improving their lives both socially and financially.

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