Two Israelis On Trial for Planning a Terrorist Attack During Hajj Season – Research Snipers

Two Israelis On Trial for Planning a Terrorist Attack During Hajj Season

In Saudi Arabia, two Israelis went on trial for planning an attack during Hajj Season. Hajj, this year will be observed in August. The two Israelis allegedly plotted to attack Hajj. This news is confirmed as per media reports and charge sheet.

As per the charge sheet, the two Israelis suspects traveled all the way to Saudi Arabia on Arab country passports.

They have been charged with spying for Mossad, an Israeli intelligence agency. Also, it is claimed that they were plotting “a terrorist act for the Hajj season”.

One of the two Israelis is also being accused of having contacts with an Islamic State jihadist group.

The trial of the two Israelis began in the capital’s special anti-terrorism court. However, it was not specified as to when the men were caught by Saudi authorities.

Hajj is a yearly Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca. It is compulsory once on all Muslims who can afford it and are physically fit.

In Pakistan, the government has made all the necessary arrangements needed by the Hajj pilgrims 2018 under the government Hajj scheme which includes accommodation, catering, transportation. It is pertinent to mention here that this year Saudi Arabia’s government has raised Pakistan’s Hajj quota by 5,000. Thus, increasing the number of pilgrims from 179,210 to 184,210. Hajj 2018 will get highly expensive this year, as Saudi Arabia imposed five percent tax on all the Hajj services.

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But what is most concerning here is that there was a plot to attack Hajj this year. It is quite a disturbing news for not just all Hajjis planning to perform pilgrimage this year, but the whole Muslim Ummah.