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Two Gulf Arab Nations Banned Expats from Specific Work Areas

The Minister of Labour of Saudi Arabia has issued an instruction recognising twelve types of the retail store that only the citizens would be permitted to work in. This directive is given in line with the ongoing Saudization project as per the reports of SPA—a state news agency.

Dr Ali Bin Nasser Al-Ghafees—the Minister of Labour and Social Development issued this directive on Sunday. This order would be implemented from the September 2018, as the government strives to push its reforms for increasing the count of citizens employment.

Khalid Aba Al-Khail—Ministry spokesman said that the jobs that are chosen to be limited for only Saudis include opticians and medical equipment, car and motorcycle sales and their parts dealings, outlets specialized in watch sales, cloth shops as well as building materials and home furnishings.

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Al-Khail also added that the ministerial verdict also reaffirmed the commitment to make sure of women employees in the shops where it would be considered appropriate for them to work.

The reform came as Oman made the similar kind of announcement this week by banning temporarily the residency visa issuance to expats who are employed in eighty-seven different job roles, in ten various areas of employment, including insurance, Information Technology, accounts and finance, information and media and sales and marketing.

The decision taken by Oman is in part of the nation’s ongoing Optimization project targeted at handling the unemployment among its citizens by providing them with employment options and openings solely for the locals.

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