Two Children Died after Dining in Arizona Grill

Two children died a day after they dined in the Arizona Grill restaurant. The two employees of the Arizona Grill restaurant have been arrested by the police over the suspected case of food poisoning.

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One-and-a-half-year-old Ahmad and five-year-old Mohammad died after they & their mother ate food at the restaurant on November 11th. Their mother was also shifted to a private hospital. The restaurant has been sealed and a case is registered against Amir Akhtar and Irfan Aleem, the employees of the restaurant.

The charges were “reason to murder” and “destroying evidence”. According to the medical reports, substandard food was consumed by the brothers that led to their death. The microbiology report will further confirm the death reason.

The food authorities expired the meat and squash bottles on November 14th from the restaurants’ storeroom. The warehouse of the Sindh Food Authority was sealed. A raid was conducted and the meat packages were recovered that had an expiry from 2015.

On Nov 14, food authorities expired meat and squash bottles from the storeroom of the restaurant. The sealed the warehouse of the eatery on Tuesday after conducting a raid and recovering one of the meat packages which bore expiry date from 2015.

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