Twitter will introduce a charge policy per-article in May


Twitter might give content creators an alternative revenue stream to the standard recurring subscription model. Elon Musk, the CEO of the firm, claims that as early as next month, Twitter will permit media publishers to charge users for access to articles they post on the service. Users will ultimately pay more per piece than it would cost them to have access to every article if they had a membership. Musk clarified that it’s for people who just occasionally want to read content from a particular source, so each piece most likely wouldn’t cost as much as a monthly subscription.

Twitter’s new per-article charge policy

Although we don’t know the full details of this policy yet, As per the announcement from the CEO, the update will be released next month, and we can’t categorize what kind of media outlets or accounts will be able to charge for each article. Also, the percentage of revenue the website will keep is not clarified yet. As super follows were replaced by the company, it announced not to be charging until the coming 12 months. Although it will be charging 10% for subscriptions.

The website has been contacted by Engadget for clarification, but it no longer has a press team. If Twitter applies the same policy to per-article payments, we’ll need to wait for additional details. The corporation will ultimately take a share because, under Musk, Twitter has been offering more and more paid features to make money. The fact that its verification badge is now a benefit of its $8-a-month Blue subscription is now a fairly well-known fact. Twitter also discontinued its free API in order to introduce a new one that would cost users money. Some businesses and organizations, like NYC’s transportation authority, had made the decision to forego Twitter integration and use the new API because it would cost enterprise customers almost $50,000 per month.