Twitter Traffic Drops After Threads Launch, Musk Panics


Last week, Meta started threads for its Twitter competitor and was able to trigger a huge hype. This also has to do with the fact that many Twitter users are annoyed and disappointed – and they are turning their backs on the network and boss Elon Musk in droves.

Threads started last Thursday and experienced a rush that surprised even the creators of the Instagram offshoot. Because within a few hours, a two-digit million number registered for it, and by the weekend the number was already around 90 million.

Of course, the question is justified as to whether Threads can maintain this enthusiasm in the long run, because it is conceivable that some users will turn their backs on the meta platform after the initial curiosity. It is clear who is harmed by threads, namely Twitter.

Twitter loses traffic

Some users can certainly confirm this from anecdotal experience because the perceived or experienced activity on Twitter has decreased significantly. However, it has not yet been clear what the specific accesses look like. Now Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince has provided concrete information for the first time and these are clear. Or as Prince commented, “Twitter traffic is plummeting.”

Prince shared a graph or graph of traffic as measured by Cloudflare with his tweet. Since the beginning of the year, you can see a more or less constant decrease in access, in July there is even a sharp decrease. Although Prince does not explain in more detail how he came to this assessment, one can certainly believe the assessment of the well-known content delivery network.

The reasons for this are diverse. On the one hand, Twitter suddenly has a competitor who is currently enjoying a lot of tailwinds, on the other hand, Elon Musk’s social network itself has deterred or driven away many users through measures such as limiting the number of tweets that can be seen.

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