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Twitter Predicts About #NayaPakistan

People this year are looking forward to the election results as they all want a #NayaPakistan. Twitter has got some predictions that what to expect from #NayaPakistan.

Though the vote counting has not finished officially, however, the results so far reveal that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has attained a clear margin over other contesting political parties, which apparently means that Imran Khan is all set to be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Some celebrity stars have already announced the victory of PTI.

Twitter is full of ideas regarding what to anticipate from Naya Pakistan.

People are feeling super patriotic and are in high spirits.

Some commented on the possible end of sports metaphors.

A post was there commenting on the post-victory speech by Imran Khan.

Some inquired that whether now the Bollywood celebrities come and visit Pakistan.

Few Twitterati posted regarding the equivalency of Naya Pakistan with a higher dose of Salman Ahmed and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Some tweets were sweet.

The PTI supporters are definitely super optimistic. May we all learn to practise this much optimism in our lives.

Some people tweeted about finding it hard to adjust.

PTI’s victory is kind of clear, trolls are clearing up their acts and showing acceptance to defeat.

There would be a lot of pressure on Imran Khan and his party because of the kind of expectations people have with them regarding the betterment of the country. It would not be easy for the party and party head, but as they say that with strong conviction, hard work and prayers everything could be achieved.

We just hope and pray that may this decision that the Pakistani nation has taken may prove the best for the country and its people.

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