Twitter might allow verified organizations to post job opportunities on their accounts


As per reports, twitter is working on a latest feature that will allow verified users to post job listings on their profiles. This feature will let verified accounts post up to five job listings on their profile that will make it convenient for job seekers to find job opportunities.

As Twitter is now rebranded as X, has been a platform that is providing a platform that will let people share their thoughts and opinions. However, following Elon Musk’s acquisition, Twitter is focusing more on business by introducing new services designed to meet the requirements of the company. The website is now being seen testing a new function called “Twitter Hiring.”

Twitter will become a hub for job hunters

A verified company can easily post up to five job openings in their profile using Twitter Hiring. Nima Owji, an app researcher, published a screenshot of Twitter Hiring that amply demonstrates how the feature operates. First, by establishing a connection with an approved Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or XML feed, it enables eligible accounts to import all their jobs to Twitter.

According to the website’s introduction, “Twitter Hiring is a free feature for Verified Organizations to post jobs, feature jobs on your company profile, and attract top talent to your open positions.” Twitter purchased Laskie, a job-matching tool, in May. We can see why Elon Musk’s first Twitter acquisition was a job-matching business.

Twitter Hiring is currently available for a limited number of verified organizations on the site. Workweek CEO Adam Ryan tweeted a screenshot of the functionality in its profile while mocking Mark Zuckerberg for stealing Twitter. The job advertisements will appear in rectangular boxes under the “Following” and “Followers” buttons. Of course, verified organizations on Twitter that already pay $1000 per month must pay an additional fee to use Twitter hire.

Many businesses now utilize Twitter to promote their brands and interact with customers. With the addition of job adverts, Twitter now provides another route for businesses to communicate with prospective employees.

Furthermore, an additional feature is expected to boost Twitter. By offering career opportunities, Twitter gives users another motivation to visit and stay on the platform. This greater engagement may result in increased ad revenue and additional opportunities for Twitter to monetize its platform.