Twitter refused to pay Google Cloud bills for contract renewal


Elon Musk is taking some unconventional management steps before his resignation as CEO of the platform. As per reports, Twitter is refusing to pay its Google Cloud’s renewal fee. This step indicates that the platform might be moving away from third-party platforms, but it hasn’t been clarified yet.

As per information from a platformer, Twitter has refused to pay the revenue for the renewal of its cloud hosting subscription. The subscription deal expires at the end of this month. It seems like there might be new guests in the house.

Twitter has made multiple failed attempts to negotiate a multi-year contract that was signed in a deal with Google Cloud last year. This situation is crucial in terms of Musk leaving the platform in these crucial circumstances that might end with critical results.

Twitter’s Google Cloud subscription

While some hosting is handled internally, Twitter is presently using Google Cloud to combat spam and child sex abuse material, so not paying up could have catastrophically disastrous consequences.

Platformer also claimed that Twitter had previously refused to pay Amazon Web Services, a rival to Google Cloud with which it also shares hosting obligations, this time for advertising.

Additionally, Twitter was sued by the California Property Trust late last year for failing to pay rent on the building it leases for its headquarters, according to Engadget.

Although the most recent developments in Google Cloud are probably the result of months of Musk’s leadership, the platform’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, took over operations last week, as she stated in a blog post.

Although Yaccarino’s plans for the platform and the contract extension are uncertain, many users worldwide share the optimism that more good things are about to happen after months of turmoil for the site.