Twitter is making Dark mode as standard setting

For any app, users think that it’s ideal to have their apps set in dark mode. Using the app with a black background and white text seems more like a good idea. As per information via Android Police, Twitter is setting dark mode as a standard setting.

Twitter, or should we name it X?

To make Twitter Blue more enticing to social media users, Elon Musk made a slew of questionable and unwanted alterations to the network. These unwanted and unanticipated shifts appear to be increasing now that Threads is a thing.

Twitter will make dark mode a standard setting on their app

Twitter recently announced that it was discontinuing its Lite mode. Elon asserted in a brief tweet that dark mode is superior to light mode in every regard. The tweet, however, drew some criticism, which shocked no one. As a result, that alteration died.

That doesn’t imply there won’t be any changes. There will be two modifications, in fact. To begin, while light mode will remain, dark mode will be enabled by default. You can switch to light mode at any time.

Second, while bright mode will not be phased out, dim mode will. Dim mode darkens the UI background, though not as much as dark mode. And about dim mode, it was able to change the background to a dark blue colour other than back. But it looks like it won’t be available anymore.

Twitter is consistently throwing weird kinds of changes over the platform. We can wait to see what Twitter is going to implement next on the platform. No other social networking platform implements updates so quickly.

For the first several months of Elon’s ownership, it appeared as though he was just getting the hang of running a social media platform. So, we anticipated some odd behavior. But it’s been more than six months since Musk took over, and it’s obvious that nothing will change. All we can do right now is wait for the next Twitter substitute to emerge.

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