Twitter has reportedly laid off part of its infrastructure team

After cutting thousands of its employees before, Apple has once again cut more people from the company. On Friday, the company fired some workers from its infrastructure department. We can’t say exactly how many were fired, but some of them complained of being fired with a simple email notice. The email stated that the employee was no longer required. The New York Times reported that the head of the infrastructure department along with some major-ranking workers were fired from the company.

Although there was no response to Engadget’s comment request, the company is lacking a communication team since it started reducing its employees. According to information, Musk has reduced Twitter’s workforce by 75% since taking over the company.A former CEO hired over 7,500 employees. During the previous weeks, as outlets reported, 2,000 employees were on the slack list. Due to the crisis situation, 1200 employees resigned from the company. After which, Musk claimed in November that he would not fire anyone from the remaining staff.

This entire chaotic situation, as well as the team’s shrinking, point to the platform’s future dependability. On the other hand, alienate Tesla investors are concerned about the amount of time Elon Musk is giving to Twitter. Some information has indicated that Musk is targeting Tesla engineer Sheen Austin to run the platform, following the infrastructure department.

More layoffs are being implemented in response to the company’s financial situation since Musk took over. In a recent meeting, Musk and some executives held a discussion about the circumstances of delayed severance payments to the employees who were fired from the company. According to reports, the company has also failed to pay rent at its San Francisco headquarters and network of global satellite offices.