Twitter Apps Unusable Following Musk’s Limit on Tweets

Has he finally killed Twitter now? Users are asking this question these days because Elon Musk had a limit implemented at the weekend on how many tweets you can read at most. That alone is a serious limitation, but there are many other problems as well.

Last fall, Elon Musk took over the short message service Twitter and a little later laid off about half of the workforce. Even then, there were voices who said that the service could not function in the long term. This is now actually confirmed, because since last weekend Twitter has been anything but smooth.

Elon Musk implemented this last weekend by deliberately limiting the number of tweets that conventional users or Blue subscribers are allowed to call up every day. Initially, there was talk of 600 or 6000 tweets, a little later Musk announced that this number would be raised to 1000 or 10,000. In any case, Musk stated as an explanation that they want to combat “extreme data scraping and system manipulation”.

But there were industry insiders who questioned this information from the start, and it is now becoming increasingly clear that Twitter has bigger problems than just limiting the number of visible tweets. Because in the meantime, a number of display errors and other problems are showing up on Twitter. Thread views do not work properly, and quotes for retweets cannot be displayed as before. In other words, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.


Popular with many power users, TweetDeck has been essentially unusable since the weekend. While the main timeline works, lists and most of the other columns that allow for more effective use of Twitter don’t.

But that’s not all, because Twitter is probably also having problems with Google: As reported by Search Engine Roundtable (via Engadget ), Google search apparently shows up to 50 percent fewer Twitter URLs because you have to be logged in and not Registered users will be blocked by Twitter.

It’s currently unclear whether the recent actions are responsible for all of Twitter’s woes, but a link seems likely. Anyway: One can certainly say that Twitter is currently – voluntarily or involuntarily – abolished itself.