Twin Cities Citizens can Use an App to Get their Driving License

A new one-window operation has been launched by Traffic Police Rawalpindi to grant online driving licenses.

According to the Rawalpindi City Police Officer Ahsan Younus residents of the twin cities will be permitted to apply for or/and receive licenses and book appointments via the application. Furthermore, he said that the Rawalpindi Police Department is the pioneer in terms of developing an automated, one-window operation for granting licenses.

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He also revealed that the Traffic Police Department has improved the process of having separate counters for women, senior citizens, and transgender people.

The new system will make it convenient for people to acquire their driving licenses and make the whole process transparent. It is pertinent to mention here that the first-timers would have to personally visit the Police department for their driving test.

The new system focuses on developing an online system for filling forms and applying for the renewal of an expired license. Also, due to an automated application process, applicants would not have to bring any application documents. All the details will be collected online through the new system.

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