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Twilight’s Prequel to Release Soon

Twilight's Prequel

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the most thrilling series, Twilight, has announced yesterday that she will be releasing a prequel of the series that explores the love story of the characters from the perspective of Edward Cullen.

The book captioned as “Midnight Sun” will include the details of the past of Cullen and the time when he first meets Bella Swan, who was a human high school class fellow and later becomes his wife. The earlier books have been written from Bella’s point of view.

The story takes on a new and a deciding dark take in the books= to come, as said by the publisher Little, Brown and Company in a description available on its website.

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The original 4 Twilight books sold more than a hundred million copies. Blockbuster films were also made of the series, released by Lions Gate Entertainment Corp starting in 2008. The film starred Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, as Bella and Edward, respectively.

Stephenie Meyer, recently said in a show that she is hopeful that the book would be welcome distraction from the global coronavirus epidemic.

She further said that the times are crazy at the moment and that she was not sure whether it was the right time to release this book, however, some of the fans have been waiting for it for long so it did not seem fair to make them wait any longer.

Twilight trended on Twitter on Monday.

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