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TV Channels Advised Not to Criticise Judiciary Over Dams


The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has advised the television channels to not telecast or on air criticising comments or statements linked to the judiciary. The TV channels were warned of legal action in case of non-adherence to the Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015.

As per an advisory issued on Monday, PEMRA said that the discussions linked to the making of dams must not be such that they be making fun or criticising the judiciary.

The advisory mentioned that a trend has been noticed in the last few days while monitoring of the satellite TV channels was being done that TV channels were found telecasting live footage, media talks and conferences of various analysts, politicians and legal fraternity against the respectable judiciary, while talking about the Diamer-Bhasha dam fund, and that too without any kind of editorial control.

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The regulator indicated that the news channels on a repeated basis on air insulting comments against the judiciary during the current affairs talks shows and programmes.

PEMRA recalled that the news channels have many times given the warning to not on air any such content that is in disregard to the code of conduct.

It also barred the channels from on airing any live programme unless there is some effective mechanism to make sure there is an effective monitoring and editorial control in accordance with the code.

PEMRA warned to take legal action in case of violation of the given instructions.

Previously, the Chief Justice of Pakistan said that he would be charging the ones against the dams under the Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan if they did not change their ways.

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