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TV Channel Restrained from Slandering Bahria Town

Bahria Town

The Sindh High Court has restrained the TV channel 92 and its anchor-person from broadcasting insulting programmes and fake statements against Bahria Town and its Chief Executive Officer—Malik Riaz. The court has summoned them on the 8th of November 2018.

A suit was filed by the CEO of Bahria Town and others in the Sindh Hugh Court against the channel and its anchor-person—Muhammad Malick in which the petitioners mentioned that many false things had been linked against them.

During the hearing session of the suit, Justice Junaid Ghaffar of SHC restrained Channel 92 and its anchor-person from broadcasting any slandering and fake statements against the petitioners.

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The Bahria Town lawyer argued that freedom of speech and the freedom of press is a basic right however it is also subjected to law and justifiable limitations. Hence, anyone is free to share his views and make justified comments on any matter which is of public significance but to put into facts just for the purpose of insulting or defaming anyone, and that too without proof is not allowed.

He also said that the accusations were not just fake and wrong but also severely insulting against the petitioners, therefore the suit was filed.

The court while giving notice to Channel 92 and Malick, also passed an order limiting them from airing any fake and slandering statement against the suit filers.

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