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Turkish Govt. Offers Organ Transplant Facilities to Pakistanis

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The Turkish government has made yet another offer to the Pakistanis who need organs transplant.

Turkey would be facilitating the Pakistani patients to get organs transplanted and other treatments in its hospitals.

This news was shared by 2 renowned doctors from the Acibadem of Turkey hospitals, which offers free consultations to the Pakistani patients for congenital heart defects—CHD and liver diseases.

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The doctors are of the belief that there is great potential for medical tourism between the two nations.

After this step, a large number of patients, who wish to go to India for a number of treatments which includes organ transplant, have got another option which is of going to Turkey for the surgeries and transplants, as per the Turkish doctors.

As per the shared details, not only patients could come to them, but they could also contact the doctors via emails and social media for getting advice for the treatments and how they could reduce their suffering.

Dr. Ozlem Er—Professor of Oncology from the Acibadem hospital in Turkey said that their reports would be studied thoroughly, and they would be advised about the various options of treatments.

Acibadem healthcare is a leading group of healthcare providing facilities founded back in the year 2007 and is situated in Istanbul, Turkey.

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