Turkish Airlines to Introduce New Umrah Package for Pakistanis – Reach Jeddah via Istanbul

Turkish Airlines will introduce a new unique Umrah Package for Pakistanis. Through this Umrah package, the Pakistanis can reach Jeddah through Istanbul.

The visits to Turkey from Pakistan have increased over the last couple of years. Thus, to promote more visits, encourage people & attract tourists, Turkish Airlines will launch the new Umrah package.

At the Turkish Airlines Agency Awards Ceremony 2017 held in Karachi, Turkish Consul General Tolag Ucak, Turkish Airlines General Manager Pakistan, Fatih Atacan Temel were present along with leading members of the travel industry.

At the occasion, Tolag Ucak said that more and more Pakistanis are visiting Turkey, with every passing day.

In 2017 over 77000 Pakistani visited Turkey while in the year 2000 only 8000 or even fewer Pakistanis visited Turkey.  In 2017 the Turkish Airlines traveler from Pakistan increased by 5% and the revenue grew by 32%. A 352% increase was reported by corporate sales growth. The passenger traffic increased by 9.3% from 2016 to 68 million.

In order to ensure that more people from Pakistan visit Turkey every year, the country has introduced e-visa application system. This will facilitate the visitors and make visa processing easier.

Ucak further commented on how far Turkish Airlines has come, starting operations in 1933 with 5 aircraft and now having 228 aircraft. The airline offer flight operations to 320 areas all over the world in 120 nations.

Fatih Atacan Temel informed in his speech that the airline will soon launch a unique Umrah plus package for Pakistanis. This Umrah package will be different from the normally offered Umrah packages.

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Through this Umrah package, the traveler will go to Jeddah, Saudi Arab via Istanbul, Turkey.

A few months back Turkish airlines also introduced special discount offer for Pakistanis. A round-trip at a discounted rate for all Pakistanis was announced. From December 11, 2017, to May 31, 2018, the discount is available and the period for purchasing ticket was December 11, 2017 – December 25, 2017.

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