Turkish Airlines Reduces Freight Charges for Pakistani Exporters


Turkish Airlines has offered to reduce the freight charges for Pakistani exporters. Due to the ban of six months on PIA for its flight operations to Europe, the export of fruits and vegetables suffered a lot.

Thus, Turkish Airlines has offered its services to compensate for the gap. In order to boost the export of fruits and vegetables to Frankfurt, London, and other global markets, the airline will not just reduce the freight charges but also provide the best facilities.

Bilal Khan Pasha, the commercial counselor of the Pakistani Embassy in Istanbul in a meeting with the Chairman of Turkish Airlines, ILKER AYCI discussed the initiation of commercial flights of Turkish Airlines from Pakistan specifically the fruits & vegetables export to the European Union.

In the background of this meeting, a meeting was held between a delegation of exporters represented by the Waheed Ahmed the Patron-in-Chief of All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA) with the General Manager of Turkish Airlines, Gurhan Sozen in Karachi.

The delegation included PFVA consisted of Shehzad Warriach, Saeed Khan, Muhammad Zulifqar & Shaia Mateen.

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Waheed said, “Turkish Airlines has assured to extend full cooperation and support at the time when the national flag carrier is confronted with an acute shortage of manpower, making it very difficult to export mangoes and other fruits & vegetables by Air to Europe, the sincere offer of cooperation & support by the Turkish Airlines to facilitate the export of this sector is commendable. Meeting of the PFVA delegation with the General Manager of Turkish Airlines in Pakistan, Gurhan Sozen to promote co-operation has been very fruitful.”

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