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Turkey shuts the Border of 31 Cities Along with a Partial Curfew on the Youth

President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey decided to close down the borders of 31 cities and also to impose a curfew on the youth under the age of 20 in response to the outbreak.

The cities with closed borders include Istanbul as well. The borders will be closed for all vehicles except transit passage and essential supplies like sanitary products, food, and medicine.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said that 425 cases were reported only on Friday which raised the number of confirmed cases to 20,000.

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As per the president, a partial curfew is decided to be imposed on the citizens under 20 years of age which had been out in effect from Friday midnight.

Erdogan told everyone in the news conference that the borders will remain shut for the next fifteen days and this shut down can also extend if felt necessary.

He made it mandatory for every citizen to wear a mask in grocery stores, workplaces, public transports, and other crowded places.

To counter the outbreak all schools, bars, cafes have been closed, also the mass prayers got suspended. Ankara stopped all international flights and limited domestic travel. But people in Turkey are still going to workplaces as President Erdogan wants to maintain the exports and economic production.

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