Turkey Marks Pakistan Day Celebrations in Remarkable Way


Turkey was not behind in celebrating Pakistan Day. It also joined in to celebrate the Pakistan Resolution Day in a spectacular fashion.

Messages pertaining to Pakistan Day displayed on the billboard on the many buildings in the Turkish Capital—Ankara on the evening of 23rd of March 2019 (Saturday).

The air force fighter air jets of Turkey also were a part of the military parade which was held in the federal capital yesterday.

Mustafa Yurdakul—the Turkish Ambassador posted a video of a building in Ankara which displayed the slogan of “Jeevay Pakistan” in both the languages that is; English and Turkish.

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The diplomats wrote that Ankara extends its congratulations in a remarkable way for the Pakistan Day that is on the 23rd of March.

Pakistan Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm throughout the nation. Not just the government even the public took an active part in marking the day.

The Malaysian Prime Minister—Mahathir Mohammad visited Pakistan for a 3-day visit. He was the chief guest on the occasion of Pakistan Day Parade. While addressing on the Pakistan Day he announced of setting up a car manufacturing unit in Pakistan and also gifted a proton car to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

The car manufacturing would begin proton cars production in the month of June 2019.

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