Turkey Lira Crisis: Turkey Slaps United States with tariffs on US goods

Turkey Lira crisis

Turkey has announced raising the tariffs on US goods after an unprogressive meeting in Washington, last Friday, as Turkey Lira Crisis looms and Turkey blames United States for all the mess which is being orchestrated in order to pressurize Turkey to release a US detainee Andrew Brunson allegedly involved in a failed coup in Turkey.

Turkey has now announced tariff hikes on some US goods responding to creating Lira crisis in the country. The country’s vice president Fuat Oktay said the measures are taken in retaliation for US government’s intended attacks on the Turkish economy in the recent weeks leaving Lira at the lowest price witnessed in ages.

According to the tariff plans, US alcohol would be taxed 140%, the cars will be axed with 120% including raises on other products such as coal, rice, and cosmetics.

Oktay said in a tweet that it is a reaction on the US imposed tariffs on Turkish products that were doubled particularly on steel and aluminum.

Okaty published a series of tweets in this regard in “Turkish Language” which translates to:

Under the principle of reciprocity, the tax rates for imports of certain products have been increased against the US administration’s conscious attacks on our economy.”

“In difficult times, our nation, which is pinned around its leader, has also been interlocked with the international public opinion against the rule-less attitudes, encouraging the world against injustice. No stopping, moving on.”

Turkey made this move after president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the country will boycott the US goods especially electrical goods, by ditching iPhones and supporting local manufacturer Vestel instead.



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