Turbat City of Baluchistan only has 4 ATMs installed – Research Snipers

Turbat City of Baluchistan only has 4 ATMs installed

Locals of Turbat city are facing many difficulties in making transactions, withdrawing cash and use of their debit cards in need. According to the sources in the Nation, people in Turbat only have four ATMs installed across the entire city and obviously, they are overcrowded.

Many people cannot withdraw cash, or transfer money, make online transactions due to this congestion. People have to wait for hours and hours in order to use the ATM which in quite disrupting for many users.

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People have urged banks to pay attention to Turbat city and its needs, there is no point of banks and banking system at all if it continues like this, people who are currently using the banks may stop using it in the near future because it wastes their lot of precious time every time they are in need to use ATMs.

Moreover, all the four ATMs are closed down by 7 pm every day making it even more difficult to perform certain tasks for many users.

This is an example of the utterly lousy banking system in unpopular cities of Pakistan, but Turbat is not merely a village, it is an important district in Baluchistan and lack of banks involvement is one of the hundreds of issues keeps curbing the development of the city.

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