TSMC Increases 3nm Chip Production to Fulfill Increasing Demand

According to some recent pieces of information, TSMC is gearing up to boost the production of its advanced 3nm chips. Reportedly, the demand for cutting-edge processors has increased. Last year, Apple was the primary consumer of TSMC’s 3nm chips. These chips were used by the company in the iPhone 15 Pro smartphones. But since then, major companies like Qualcomm, MediaTek, NVIDIA, and Intel have made orders and shown interest.

In an effort to fulfill the increased demand, the company is gearing up to increase its production. Reportedly, the firm plans to increase the monthly 3nm wafer production to 100,000 units this year. To operate more efficiently, the corporation is also working to increase its production output. According to reports, N3B, the initial version of the 3nm process, had yield issues. It was expensive as well. For this reason, several companies didn’t adopt this technology in its initial stages.

The second-generation 3nm process (N3E), on the other hand, is affordable and offers improved performance. It is possibly the reason behind the increased demand. As significant tech companies start producing their first 3nm-powered gadgets this year, the competition in the semiconductor sector is expected to increase.

The future success of these devices and the firms that are developing them will be greatly impacted by TSMC’s ability to meet the rapidly increasing demand while resolving possible production issues. Furthermore, SMIC is all set to begin the production of its 5nm chips for Huawei. In Shanghai, SMIC has also established a new semiconductor line dedicated to producing chips that are Huawei-designed. This action is in response to the Biden administration’s tighter export controls on sophisticated chip manufacturing equipment, which it justified by invoking national security issues.

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