Trump To Bring New Immigration Act In The United States


Washington: US President Donald Trump has hinted at bringing a new immigration act soon. According to the US media, while giving a press conference in the White House, Donald Trump said that a new immigration act is being brought in the United States, I am going to sign the immigration act very soon.

I don’t want people from jihadist countries to come here and start bombing, our borders are secure now, Biden wants to make them insecure,” I will take care, President Trump Said.

Criticizing his opponents, Trump said that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders want to allow all illegal immigrants to come, both want to end all deportation and expand the scope of political asylum, they want to provide free lawyer consultation to immigrants. They also want to give illegal immigrants access to health and welfare facilities, and colleges.

The US president said that his travel ban was also confirmed by the Supreme Court. Biden wants to lift the travel ban on all countries, he also wants the travel ban to be lifted from jihadi countries. “The media doesn’t do justice with me, I have a silent majority, I’m going ahead in all the polls, I think I have a good chance of winning the election, there’s a risk of mass fraud in postal voting,” Trump said. Therefore, he opposed it.

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