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Trump threatens to close of the Mexico border


Threa­tening radical activity against Mexico, President Donald Trump proclaimed he is probably going to close down America’s southern border one week from now except if Mexican authorities quickly end all illicit migration.

The president, who also cut US aid to three Central American nations whose citizens are fleeing north, emphasised “I am not kidding around” about closing the border, even though such a severe move could hit the economies of both countries.

“It could mean all trade” with Mexico, Trump said when questioned on Friday by reporters in Florida. “We will close it for a long time.” Though Trump has previously threatened to close the border and has not followed through, his administration moved to cut direct aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

The State Department said in an explanation that it will suspend 2017 and 2018 installments to the trio of countries that have been home to a portion of the vagrant convoys that have walked through Mexico to the US border.

Trump has been promising for over two years to assemble a long, invulnerable wall along the border to stop unlawful movement, however, Congress has been hesitant to give the cash he needs. Meanwhile, he has over and again taken steps to close the outskirt, however this time, with another flood of immigrants traveling north, he gave an unmistakable timetable.

A substantial closure could have an especially heavy impact on cross-border communities from San Diego to South Texas, as well as supermarkets that sell Mexican produce, factories that rely on imported parts, and other businesses across the US.

The US and Mexico exchange about $1.7 billion in products every day, as indicated by the US Chamber of Commerce, which said shutting the outskirt would be “an unmitigated economic debacle” that would compromise 5 million American employments.

Trump tweeted Friday morning, “If Mexico doesn’t immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States through our Southern Border, I will be CLOSING the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week.” He didn’t qualify his threat with “or large sections,” stating: “There is a very good likelihood I’ll be closing the border next week, and that is just fine with me.” He said several times that it would be “so easy” for Mexican authorities to stop immigrants passing through their country and trying to enter the US illegally, “but they just take our money and ‘talk.’” The president, with support from conservative media, has made the large caravans symbols of the United States’ immigration problem.

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