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Trump Threatens additional tariffs on $100 billion Chinese imports

China has warned the U.S. again on Friday that the country is fully prepared to retaliate in a similar way if President Donald Trump’s threat to slap tariffs on additional $100 billion Chinese goods.

It is not a long ago when U.S. President slapped $60 billion tariffs on Chinese imports, soon after that China responded back and imposed tariffs on U.S. goods mainly food, Auto and related material worth $3 billion.

China did simply tit-for-tat but U.S. considers Chinese retaliation unfair and Donald Trump ordered U.S. officials on Thursday to identify the extra tariffs that can be imposed on Chinese goods as a counter strike. This tit-for-tat or call it “Trade War” portrays potential damaging consequences for the whole world as two biggest economies are now confronting each other and imposing tariffs open handedly.

Chinese spokesperson from the ministry of commerce Gao Feng, said that U.S action is “extremely mistaken” it is unjustified and the mater of unilateralism and multilateralism. He also said it is unlikely to sit on a table and negotiate during the current circumstances.

“What the U.S. is doing is to smash the stone on your own foot,” Gao told Reuters in Beijing, “If the United States announces and put another $100 billion tariff on Chinese goods, China is already prepared and will not hesitate to slap back fiercely.”

China had identified a list of 106 U.S. goods from various categories targeted for tariffs soon after Trump’s decision to import duties on some 1300 Chinese medical, transport, technology and industry goods.

China has repeatedly accused the United States of creating the conflict and said it is not afraid of “Trade War” however, China is not in the favor of escalation and strongly prohibits.

However, there was an attempt by U.S. officials for talks about the trade issues which Gao denied, he said under the current circumstances the two countries cannot conduct any negotiations on the issue, however, he didn’t give more details on this statement.