Donald Trump fake account

US President Donald Trump’s fake account on Twitter was in existence since 2015, the account was removed immediately from Twitter when BuzzFeed contacted Twitter and reported about the account.

A Fake Donald Trump’s twitter account was caught spreading falsehood and false information on Twitter on the day of the election. The account was using the handler name @realDonadTrump which skipped the letter “L” in the name Donald and the rest of the handler name is similar to president’s real personal account.

The account was taken down by the Twitter administration when it was reported but before that, it targeted Republicans with a swindle about the wrong voting date.

The most successful tweet observed from this account was a false claim about Antifa members pretending to be Trump supports by wearing MAGA hats.

The account also attempted to troll Trump supports by offering them free MAGA hats when users clicked the link it took them to a video containing unethical adult content.


However, Twitter did not respond to the question of why the platform has allowed the account to operate at the first place and potentially for 3 consecutive years?


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