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Trump Considers Ending Birthright Citizenship for the Children of Non-Citizens

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President Trump is considering signing an executive order for ending the automatic birthright citizenship for the children of non-citizens and unlawful immigrants who are born in the United States. His statement has caused a stir on Twitter.

On Monday while giving an interview told Axios that the US is the only nation in the world where a person comes and has a baby, and the baby automatically becomes a citizen of the United States for eighty-five years availing all of the benefits. He further said that it is ridiculous and needs to be ended.

It is apparent that the children of the legal immigrants who have got a valid US citizenship would remain unaffected by this newly planned policy order.

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While Trump has full authority of issuing the executive order on birthright citizenship, that order could be challenged in court and could also be overturned if it is found unconstitutional.

This was the matter previously this year and last year as well when the first iterations of President Trump’s controversial travel ban, was dubbed as unconstitutional by the federal courts.

Any executive directive that Trump issues, would hence have to be within the boundaries defined by the Constitution and the Supreme Court would then have to determine whether the text of the 14th amendment really assures birthright citizenship, an issue of serious debate among the legal scholars.

As the President has called the US “the only country” that offers birthright citizenship, a total of thirty-three other countries including Brazil, Canada, Argentina and Mexico do the same.

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