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Tropicana—The Famous Juice Brand Launches in Pakistan


Tropicana—is a subsidiary of PepsiCo. It is a famous juice brand that is based in Chicago. It was established in the year 1947, thus in ways, it shares the birth year of Pakistan. Since its inception, Tropicana has been known for manufacturing the best orange juice in the world.

Tropicana juices are famous throughout the world and are sold in more than 70 nations. The brand has just introduced itself in Pakistan with 4 amazing flavours, namely—Chainsaw, Kinnow, Guava and Apple.

The juice brand anticipates bringing the same great taste of their juices to Pakistan which is already being sold in the Pakistani market of packed juices. It is worth mentioning that the competition is tough in this sector with brands like Slice, Nestle, Fruiten and more.

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Across the world, Tropicana sells both 100 per cent juices as well as juices made from the concentrate fruit pulp. It is not clear whether Tropicana would be launching its 100 per cent pure juices in Pakistan or not.

For now, we would only be seeing 250ml packed cartons of the juice in Pakistan which is extracted and manufactured from fruit pulp.

The biggest competition of the company in Pakistan is Fruitavitals of Nestle which makes juices from 31 per cent fruit concentrate.

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