TRON Founder And CEO Bittorrent Offers $1 Million Bounty For Twitter Hackers – Research Snipers

TRON Founder And CEO Bittorrent Offers $1 Million Bounty For Twitter Hackers

Justin Sun

The news of the Twitter hack was the main topic around the world a few days ago. Many verified accounts, including celebrities, investors, business people, and even large corporation accounts, have been hacked by unknown hackers.

The attackers were after one thing – Bitcoin – and they used celebrity accounts to deceive people. Now many are angry and ready not to shy away from anything to find out who did it.

The CEO of TRON offers a high bounty for hacker hunters

Among those looking for answers is Justin Sun, the CEO and founder of the TRON (TRX) crypto project . Sun participated because the main TRON Foundation account and its own account were among the hacked accounts.

Nor is he the only one from the crypto industry. Hackers also attacked accounts from Binance, Coinbase, Ripple, CoinDesk, KuCoin, Charlie Lee, and many others.

As a result, Sun offered a massive $1 million bounty for anyone who can identify the hackers. The tweet in question comes from a BitTorrent account and states that Sun “will personally pay those who successfully track down the hackers/people who attacked our community and provide evidence to bring them to justice.”

That’s why people need decentralization, Sun says

Since then, Sun has also revealed that TRON is working with Twitter to investigate the incident itself. However, he also noted that despite all the measures, such things continue to happen, signaling the urgent need for society to introduce decentralized, trustworthy software, and services. While the scale of the attack is undoubtedly massive, chasing those responsible are likely to be just as big given the amount of the reward.

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