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Trial Run of the Orange Line Metro Train Project Conducted

The Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) project was run today on a trial basis.

The train on its trial run was run closer to its depot and as per the authorities a twelve-kilometre-long portion of the track, running all the way from Dera Gujran to Lakshmi Chowk would be finished during the flowing week.

The Advisor to Khawaja Ahmed—Chief Minister also paid a visit to the project and said four more train sets for the project have arrived in Lahore.

Back in the start December, the Supreme Court of Pakistan discharged the verdict of the Lahore High Court (LHC) stopping the work on the chosen sites of the Orange Line Metro Train project.

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Although the top court has permitted the Punjab government to go forward with the project on the same pace, the bench, however, put thirty-one conditions to make sure that the project is done and completed with utmost transparency.

The conditions set include strict supervision of the construction along with a dedicated trial period train run before the final operations of the train commences, installation of high-tech devices and the appointment of professional monitors to make sure the vibrations from the construction site do not damage the heritage sites and different steps for the enhancement and renovation of the sites.

The top court has also directed the making of a five-member experts committee and a three-member technical committee for overseeing the project and making sure the heritage site under question is protected.

As per the court order, a rupees hundred million fund would also be formed by the government for maintaining the heritage sites.

The Punjab Chief Minister—Shahbaz Sharif in collaboration with the Chinese firm back in May 2014 launched this project. The project is set to be the nation’s first metro line. The project, however, got entangled in a legal fight in the Lahore High Court which gave a stay order on several sites as the project was crushing over the heritage sites in Lahore.

A single train within the twenty-seven-kilometre rail line has the capacity to hold thousand people, out of which two hundred could be seated and eight-hundred could travel while standing.

The project was included in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor earlier in the year and is expected to run on electricity and could provide transportation up to two lacs fifty thousand passengers per day.

The capacity is expected to be raised to five lacs by 2025.

The original deadline for the project was 25th December 2017.

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