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Tree Plantation Drive will be a Productive Step; Says A Chinese Scholar

Cheng Xizhong Chinese scholar says that he hopes that the decision to start up a 3-month tree plantation drive aiming to provide jobs to the daily wagers who lost their jobs in the lockdown will be productive.

As per an article by Gawadar pr app the forestry department of Khyber PK is launching the campaign hiring thousands of daily wage workers.

The scholar said that this campaign will help achieving three goals at once.

Firstly, the daily wagers who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak will get jobs with this drive. The plan executed by the provincial and federal governments suggests planting 10 billion trees all over the country. Pakistan’s overall population is 200 million which means per person 50 trees. Every province should follow the example of KPK and start a plantation campaign to create thousands or millions of jobs.

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Secondly, population pressure in big cities will be reduced. Mainly the poor daily wagers belong to big cities. This initiative will provide them employment as well as it will prompt them to leave big cities which help to reduce the population pressure from big cities. The reduction of population is necessary to control the spread of COVID-19.

Lastly, this huge plantation campaign will help increase green coverage which will help in coping up with natural disasters like landslides and mudslides and also it will help to avoid soil erosion.

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