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Traveling between Earth and Moon via a Cable can be a Possibility


Traveling between Earth and Moon via a cable might seem like a farfetched idea, but scientists believe that there is a possibility of connecting the two. Astronomers from the University of Cambridge and the University of Columbia have what they believe is to be a feasible idea.

It is suggested by them in an unpublished paper that has not yet been peer-reviewed that materials like Zylon, a polymer carbon, can allow us to develop a tower or cable that can extend from the moon’s surface to Earth’s geostationary orbit. In order to avoid contact with satellites, the structure would be at a safe distance from the Earth that is about 362,000 kilometers from the moon.

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It is essential to launch at the right height, synchronize with the end of the space cable by using solar propulsion, ‘to move along the cable to Lagrange points and slowing down to land in lunar orbit’.

Scientists believe that using the existing technologies it is possible to build such a structure. They said that the concept is “eminently plausible and may have been overlooked as a major step in the development of our capacity as a species to move within our solar system.”

However, the executive director of the International Lunar Exploration Working Group at the European Space Agency Bernard Foing believes that this issue is “very complex.” Adding that in order to carry out this project “a technical plan is still very premature, even if it’s an inspiring idea.”