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Travel Agents Association TAAP Decides to Boycott Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways

The TAAP Pakistan Travel Agent Association has announced to boycott Etihad Airways over Kashmir issue.

Etihad Airways is the United Arab Emirates owned airline. The boycott has been announced owing to the surged tensions over Kashmir.

Khawaja Ayub Naseem—the Chairman of the association has said that the boycott of the airline is to protest against the United Arab Emirates as the country has given the highest civilian award to the Indian Prime Minister—Narendra Modi.

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He informed that a formal announcement would be made in a press conference today, where he would explain about the plan of the association for the future endeavors.

He added that they would brief the Dubai-bound visitors of the UAE’s anti-Kashmir step and would try to change their mind.

It should be noted that the government of the United Arab Emirates is facing severe criticism for disregarding the feelings and sentiments of the Kashmiris.

People are asking for a boycott to the UAE tourism for awarding the highest civil award to the Indian PM at a time when Kashmir is in mid of the Indian atrocities.

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