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Transporters Increased Fares After Hike in CNG Prices

transporters increased fares

The recent hike in the price of CNG has doubled the troubles for Karachiites who are already facing transportation issues as the transporters increased fares of buses and rickshaws by 50 per cent.

Owing to the shortage of public buses, people have shifted to six-seaters for commuting purposes. The six-seater CNG rickshaws have come out as an alternative mode of transport for them. The routes of the CNG rickshaws are not that long in comparison to that of buses however people make use of these for shorter routes. The maximum fare of a rickshaw to Gurumandar from Allah Wali New Karachi was rupees forty which has been raised to rupees fifty.

The local fare has also been raised to rupees fifteen from ten rupees. One salesman working at a private shopping mall said that he was paying thirty rupees from New Karachi to Hyderi before the increase in the CNG prices however now the rickshaw driver is charging forty rupees.

A rickshaw driver while justifying the increase in fares said that they had no choice beside increasing the fares.

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On the other hand, people commuting in buses are being charged higher too. The maximum fare of W11 was seventeen rupees which has been hiked to thirty rupees. A commuter informed that the bus conductors were already charging higher than the set seventeen rupees and it is feared that they could now charge up to forty rupees.

Irshad Bukhari—the Karachi Transport Ittehad President when contacted informed that the fares are still not raised officially however called it inevitable after the hike in CNG price. When inquired regarding the unofficial hike by the transporters, he admitted that some of them are overcharging but said they have got no other choice.

The KTI President threatened to go on strike if the fares are not raised according to the CNG increased rates.

The school van owners also have demanded the parents to increase the fares because of the high CNG prices.

Following the federal government’s decision of hiking CNG prices from seven hundred rupees MMBTU to nine hundred and eighty per MMBTU, per kilogram rates had now reached to its highest price ever as it is being from one hundred and three to one hundred and four rupees throughout the city.

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