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Transporters Discard Increase in Petroleum Product Prices

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Mohammad Ashraf Banglory—the President of the Karachi Transport Action Committee has discarded the fresh hike in the petroleum product prices on Thursday and has asked for the decision to be withdrawn immediately.

While conversing with the journalists he said that it is not at all justified to increase the petrol and diesel prices. He further said that the transport community would not be able to afford the new oil price surge.

He informed that the prices of the petroleum products were decreasing in the international market. However, in Pakistan the prices were increasing and that too very often.

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Ashraf Banglory also said that the people have gone all hopeless from the performance of the present government as the corrupt elements are still there and maintaining their luxurious lifestyles while the less privileged people have been forced to bear all the wrong decisions taken by the government.

The government increased the prices of the petroleum products, with the price of petrol surging by Rs5 per litre and the prices of diesel and light diesel increased by Rs6.37 and Rs6.48 per litre respectively.

The new prices of the petroleum products after the hike are as follows:

Petrol—Rs97.83 per litre

Diesel—Rs112.94 per litre

Kerosene Oil—Rs86.50 per litre

Light Diesel—Rs82.84 per litre

The finance ministry has given the approval for the increase in the prices, the new prices were put into effect at 12:00 am on the 1st of November 2018 that was Thursday.

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