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Transport Ticket Prices Outrageously Increased Just Before Eid

People are leaving for their hometowns, using intercity bus service, wagon service and other transport facilities. The transport services are taking benefit of the extreme rush of people and thus prices of tickets have increased by Rs100 to Rs250. To make profit out of the needs of people is not only shameful, it is outrageous. Also due to the over crowdedness people are facing issues in booking tickets.

An accountant Sajjad Hussain shared his experience saying that he couldn’t find a single bus ticket after visiting various bus terminals. He further said that minivans operator and other small transport services have doubled the charges from travellers, and are making money out of extra luggage as well.

Not just this people are finding unique ways of betraying each other. Many ticket clerks and employees are purchasing tickets under false names and then selling those tickets to passengers at an extremely high rate.

Are the government and transport authorities sleeping, while people are using illegal and unethical means to steal from travellers?

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The railway stations have a similar story, with people desperately in need to find tickets. Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique did announce discounted fares for Eid ul Fitr but hold on, those discounted rates are during Eid holidays, not for Eid holidays. So people, who leave city before Eid, were in short made fools.

As per Lahore Mayor Colonel (Retd) Mubashir Javed district government is monitoring this situation and those who are overcharging passengers are being fined. To be exact a fine of over Rs50,000 would be made compulsory on the trouble makers. Public cooperation is required to make those transport service providers charging heavily on Eid, pay. They should complain about the bus or wagon service charging extra from passengers to the relevant government authority so that further action could be taken.