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Transport Service resumes in Punjab with Special SOPs

On Sunday, the Punjab government issued Standard Operating Procedures for the transport services as they have been allowed to resume their ride-hailing services once again in the middle of coronavirus.

A handout was issued by the provincial transport department according to which the decision for resuming the transport services is taken in order to facilitate many people.

The department also announced that the fare prices should be reduced as the price of the fuel has been decreased in the country. Non AC bus fares will decrease by 93 paise per kilometer and the air-conditioned bus fare will be reduced by 20%.

The department provided guidelines for social distancing. They recommended transporters to maintain a distance of three meters between the passengers. The vehicle with two doors should use one door as an entry door and one for the exit.

After every trip, the buses are required to be disinfected also all the passengers are supposed to use sanitizer and put on face masks while traveling in the buses.

The seat next to a passenger aging 65-year-old should be vacant. The drivers and staffers of the bus should also use sanitizers and face masks.

The handout stated that before entering the buses, every passenger’s temperature should be checked also the terminals of the buses should also be disinfected with chlorine spray.

As per the SOPs provided by the transport department, the bus should not carry more than 2 passengers having both of them sitting in the back seat.

The department also directed to avoid taking the passengers to the red zone areas which have been identified by the provincial authorities.

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