Transgender Person to Contest NA Elections from Okara

For the first time ever in the history of Pakistan, a transgender person is all ready to take part in the elections for the National Assembly from Okara.

Nayyab Ali—a member of the provincial voter committee for the Election Commission of Pakistan alongside being an active member of the All Pakistan Transgender Election Network in Punjab, is all set for taking part in the NA elections from Okara.

She is of the opinions that although life has been tough and even has knocked her down numerous times, she has refused to give up and has remained encouraged and passionate regarding serving the country and the residents of her area. She hopes to assist them in a much better way by winning the NA-141 as an independent candidate.

While conversing with the local media she said that she has taken it as a challenge and has already begun campaigning on social media platforms and would soon be getting in touch with her gurus and community for their needed help.

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Nayyab Ali is also an acid attack survivor. She is famous in her area—Okara for her community and social work.

She said that unlike my political opponents, she is not that wealthy and could not buy votes, however, she added that she is confident that the social work she had been doing would help her in winning the seat.

Furthermore, while speaking about the challenges that she is likely to face in the process, she expressed her concerns over the security threats she could receive during the polls from the rival candidates during many gatherings.

Nayyab Ali said that she just wants the government to give her security during campaign rallies as that would be a big challenge to combat against influential candidates.

While sharing her life experiences she informed that she was in class eight when her family disowned her.

After that, she started living with her guru, who had been kind to her and let her continue her education. She is a Punjab University graduate with a degree in Botany. She is also under the process of writing a book which she plans to publish after the elections.

Regarding her political plans she said that if she gets successful in winning the seat, she would then place all her efforts in the making of a medical university in Okara and would resolve the water, health, education, unemployment and sanitation issues.

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