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Transgender Man Gave Birth in Finland

A woman in Finland after going through hormonal therapy has become the country’s very first transgender to have given birth, as per the local media on Wednesday. The news has triggered a controversy as Finnish laws need infertility for changing the gender.

The Finnish news source—Lanned Media was informed by the transgender a night after the baby was born that the baby weighed almost four kilograms and fifty-three centimetres in length at the time of birth.

The man who is in his thirties officially changed his gender from a woman back in 2015 after taking the testosterone therapy for years.

But he made this decision to halt the sex change surgery, towards his male physical transition completely, before trying to get pregnant with his husband.

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As per the Finnish laws for hormonal therapy a person needs to provide documentary or any other kind of proof to show they are “infertile” for the person to change the gender legally from female to male.

According to practice, the Finnish medical units consider their transgender patients unproductive when testosterone therapy has continued for an extended period of time. However, fertility can reoccur sometimes, if the hormonal therapy is stopped.

This particular case is different, as the couple residing in the region of Helsinki, took the decision to suspend hormonal treatment and after that, the man’s period returned.

The man while giving an interview to Finland’s biggest daily Helsingin Sanomat while was still pregnant said that whatever I choose and decides to do with my body is my choice and I do not have to dictate that to the society.

Finland is the only left Nordic nation to ask infertility from its citizens who want to go for gender change legally, encouraging severe criticism from the organizations of human rights in present times.

The man was given paternity leave.

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