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Transgender community of Pakistan rejects federal budget 2020-21

The transgender community of the country considers the federal budget 2020-21 announced by the PTI-led federal government another in a long line of injustices perpetrated against them.

“First, the government of Pakistan has underrepresented our numbers during the last population consensus, now neither any provincial nor the federal budget have fixed any amount to spend on our welfare,” Nayab Ali said during a TV program.

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Nayab Ali is a transgender woman and commonly known as one of the leading representatives of the transgender community in the country. Back in February 2019, Nayab Ali received an international award that honors those who work for a better future for LGBT+ people.

“You can’t make the coronavirus pandemic an excuse for this. Are we not equal citizens of this country,” Ali asked the government.

During an interview on a Pakistan TV channel, she cited the Holy Quran, saying that vulnerable people in your society should be supported by others, especially the state itself.

It is pertinent to mention here that in 2019, the PTI-led provincial government of Punjab has allocated Rs200 billion for the welfare of the transgender community. Ali said that even that amount was not spent on her community. “It feels as if we are being cornered every time,” she concluded.

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