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Trans Peshawar: Difference Between Islamabad, Lahore, Multan And Peshawar Metro Bus Service

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You must have heard in the news that Islamabad/Rawalpindi metro bus service is the most expensive in the world. Here are more shocking figures and comparison between all Metro Bus Services in Pakistan.

About Islamabad/Rawalpindi And Other Metro Services

All the Metro Bus projects including Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Multan were planned and delivered by Punjab government; and the Islamabad Metro project is classed as the world’s most expensive Metro Bus service.

According to dawn news, half of the Metro Bus fleet is un-utilized in twin cities, this happened because of poor planning and research. There was no ballpark estimate which could keep the costs low, the estimated number of people who were expected to travel on Metro buses was unnecessarily overwhelmed, a lot less people are travelling on Metro buses currently.

Because of all this, government is pouring more subsidy into the system in order to keep it running. Even to initiate Islamabad/Rawalpindi Metro project, government sought to cut healthcare and development budget and allocated those funds to this project.

Trans Peshawar Metro Bus Service

Asian development bank has been involved in planning “Trans Peshawar” which is expected to be started next month, Asian Development Bank will provide funding to Peshawar Trans project.

It is estimated that the Trans Peshawar project will cost 60% less than Islamabad/Rawalpindi metro project. In comparison to Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan Metro service which are entirely operating on a single route, Peshawar Metro will operate 8 different routes across the city with a fleet of 450 buses. It is also estimated that Trans Peshawar will facilitate 4.5 million commuters.

On top of all, Trans Peshawar will not receive any subsidy from the government, it will be one of a kind project in the world which will not receive any subsidy, said Chief Minister KPK.

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  1. Can you please make the same comparisons done above after the factual situation NOW? The situation has completely changed as the Peshawar project has become by far the most expensive fiasco while the Punjab projects have been successfully running for many years now. Secondly, what are your sources for the figures quoted above regarding the cost per passenger and passenger numbers etc? Seemingly you have used figures from PTI-fan pages which do not count as reliable sources of information and really puts into question your professionalism, competence, objectivity (LOL!), accuracy of information you use and your agenda for using fabricated/biased figures. If you have an iota of integrity as a ‘journalist’ (LOL!) then please redo this article with accurate figures cited from reliable sources.

  2. Please show evidence that the Islamabad Metrobus is the most expensive in the world. With all due respect, are you fucking INSANE? All those BRT projects in USA, Europe, Brazil, Colombia, China etc have disappeared overnight? Please first read up about what “BRT” is. Google it. Learn something first and then talk about it. Simple spewing whatever bullshit your ignorant PTI-ball-sucking peers shove down your throat doesn’t count as either ‘journalism’ or ‘reporting’.

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