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Train to Carry People from Lahore to Wagah for Rs.30

Lahore to Wagah

The shuttle train service between Lahore and Wagah Railway Station would be taking the people from Wagah for Rs.30. The service has been restarted after like a gap of 22 years.

The train named as “Rail Car” could carry more than 200 passengers, as per the Railways Divisional Superintendent—Amir Nisar Chaudhry.

Two passenger trains and a break van have been made a part of the train and its engine has been revamped.

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The rail car would be leaving Lahore thrice a day while making stops at Moghalpura, Jallo Park and Harbanspura stations.

People would be able to cover 23 kilometres to Wagah in the span of an hour.

Nisar said that the train would be travelling from Wagah to Jallo Park for the recreational purposes. The stations are being revamped and would soon be restored.

The train would offer advantage to those people who travel to and from Lahore on a per day basis.

The train was closed back in the year 1997 owing to operational and security concerns.

On the other hand, as per the latest developments, Sindh Cabinet has shown the willingness of utilizing the payments made by Bahria Town for water projects in the province.

It gave directives to the provincial advocate-general to file an application to Supreme Court asking for a release of the payments collected so far by Bahria Town.

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