Train Fares Likely to Increase Due to Rise in Diesel Prices

train fares

Train fares are likely to increase by 2 to 15percent owing to the surge in diesel prices. The surge in the petroleum product prices for the month of June has been put into effect recently.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed—the Minister for Railways would be announcing the new fares soon.

According to the new fares, the cost of an air-conditioned sleeper would likely to surge by 15percent, the price of an air-conditioned business compartment would increase by 10percent, and the price of an economy class seat is expected to experience a surge of 2percent.

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As per the estimates provided by the officials of Pakistan Railways 0.4million litres of diesel is consumed on a per day basis. The surge of 4.5rupees per litre would take an extra 2.25million from the budget.

The surge in the train fares would be placing an additional load on the regular travellers of railways.

In December 2018, Pakistan Railways surged the fare by 7 to 11percent.

Pakistan Railways has also announced to run special Eid Trains from June 2 for facilitating the commuters of railways.

Besides that, the passengers who would be travelling on the special trains on the first day of Eid would be charged half price of the regular ticket.

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