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Traffic Still Blocked in Islamabad

From Thursday 9th November 2017, traffic in Islamabad, Rawalpindi has been blocked. Its 13th November 2017 today and people are still complaining that they are facing traffic issues and nobody is solving the issue.

It was said that due to Chehlum and Tehreek-e-Labaik Rally there will be traffic blockage issues in the twin cities of Pakistan. Now what is the issue and why Pakistani people commuting in Islamabad are facing problems, we have no idea. It seems that the Tehreek-e-Labaik Rally has still blocked the entrance to federal capital of Pakistan.

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As per tweets, it is being heard that Murree Road is officially shut down by Traffic Police.

The dilemma here is that people are suffering but this issue is not being reported in the mainstream media. Why is our media quiet when our public is suffering? Also, when is this going to be resolved? This is the federal capital of Pakistan if the government can’t control it, who can? Moreover, people are not being notified by any government or concerned authorities that roads are blocked or when they will open again, no information is given, so yes people are angry and furious in Islamabad.