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Traffic Police to Act Against Noisy Transporters

noisy transporters

The Lahore city Traffic police have taken the decision to act against the noisy transporters.

The Traffic police of Lahore has started a crackdown operation on the public vehicles, buses, rickshaws and wagons blowing loud music.

1,649 vehicles have been acted against since the launch of the operation despite getting warnings.

Furthermore, 1,469 tape recorders were also taken into custody by the officials. Liaquat Ali—the Chief Traffic Police Officer (CTO) indicated that the traffic police have introduced a crackdown against the public transport vehicles playing loud music.

The traffic police as per reports got complaints that many passengers especially women are annoyed by the loud music that is played on the public transport vehicles.

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The loud music playing is not just the source of noise pollution but also makes passengers uncomfortable. As per the Motor Vehicle Rules, playing music on loud sound in public transport vehicle is against the law.

The traffic policy of Lahore is also acting against the vehicles using high-pressure horns and that too without any need.

The CTO admitted that to impose the traffic laws in the provincial city is a tedious task. Last year only, 616 traffic wardens suffered injuries after they tried preventing traffic laws violation.

He maintained that the tolerance level of people is decreasing.

He also said that despite these sad incidents, the traffic wardens never hesitate to serve the public.

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