Traffic Police Rawalpindi to launch a smartphone app for traffic problems

City Traffic Police Rawalpindi has announced to launch a smartphone app next week to address the traffic-related problems facing the residents of Rawalpindi.

While talking to media, Muhammad Bin Ashraf, the Chief Traffic Officer Rawalpindi said that the smartphone app would educate the people about the driving license, provide the updates related to traffic integrated with the Google Maps and the status of road congestion. The app would also provide the guidelines about the nearest bank to deposit fine.

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CTO Rawalpindi further said that the app would also send the advisory messages to the citizens of Rawalpindi about protests and blockages.

The initiative to launch a smartphone app will improve the overall condition of the traffic in Rawalpindi City.

While talking about the crackdown on the baggers in the city, the CTO said that in the light of the ongoing operation, the authorities have detained as many as 20 professional baggers during March.

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