Traffic Plan Issued for Pakistan General Elections 2018

Pakistan General Elections 2018 will be held tomorrow on July 25th. A traffic plan has been issued to make sure that people know which routes are closed and which will be the safest & smallest route as they come out to cast the vote in their respective polling stations.

Here is the traffic plan for General Elections in Lahore

From Kacheri to Chauburji Chowk along with PMO, Secretariat, MAO College Chowk traffic will be closed.

From Church to Secretariat Chowk and from Istanbul to PMG Chowk will be closed for regular traffic

From T-Crossing Lag Road to Civil Defense Chowk traffic will be closed.

Traffic will be closed from Jain Mandir to MAO College Chowk and Haq Orthopedic Chowk

From Haq Orthopedic to Sanda Road and Session Court will be closed for traffic

From Neeli Bar to Secretariat Chowk Road will be closed for traffic

Traffic coming from Sagian to Zillah Kacheri will be diverted to alternate routes

Traffic coming from Ferozepur road will be sent through old Anarkali Mall Road

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It is being advised that vehicles and motorbikes should be parked far from the polling station. Avoid wrong parking. It is important so that everyone can cast the vote without getting into trouble.

Foreign Office Spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal revealed, “The crossing points on Pakistan-Afghanistan border at Chaman and Kharlachi will remain closed on July 24-25 2018, coinciding with the general election in Pakistan. Torkham will, however, remain open for normal traffic.”

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Recommendations have been issued by Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA)  to the all media houses to announce the final results of the polling only after the confirmation by the Returning Officer of the relevant constituency.

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